Comparative Effectiveness Research

Clinicians, consumers, health-care systems, health-care purchasers and policy makers increasingly want to know "what works" and if there is research to support this. They need to know if a treatment or test works better compared with other options and what harms there may be. For over a decade, Spectrum Research has been involved in comparative-effectiveness research to help answer these questions.

Groups who benefit from these.

Systematic Reviews

Spectrum Research's systematic reviews and focused evidence briefs reflect a planned, orderly, methodical approach to searching for pertinent literature and synthesizing the highest quality information from clinical studies to answer specific, focused key questions. Methodologically rigorous systematic reviews form the basis for:

  • Understanding risk factors and harms
  • Clinical practice guideline (CPG) and clinical recommendation development
  • Comparative effectiveness research (CER)
  • Health technology assessment (HTA)
  • Identification of research gaps and needs
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